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Choose to be in the room. Is networking optional or obligatory? via LinkedIn on 3-21-14

For individuals such as myself who live over 40 miles from the nearest metropolitan area we calculate everything based on how long it will take us to get in and out of town. I often tell people that I operate

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Slow Down! Your Reflexes Are Killing Your Negotiations via LinkedIn on 4-14-14

I’m sure you’d like to think that your instinct, gut, quick wit, or Jedi mind tricks make you the ultimate closer when it comes to a negotiation. Many of us have an opportunity during the year to review our performance

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Leadership Live: Adam Silver Takes the Mantle via LinkedIn on 4-30-14

Less than 90 days into his official capacity as the 5 Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver has made his mark on the league. While in his first 100 days of office; he walked along side former league

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