Christopher Dennis is a charismatic young man, native to Southern California, with a myriad of leadership skills that is dedicated to the increase in the number of students who attain higher education. He is passionate about contributing to a diverse population, stemming from his experiences in his higher education journey. He finds his greatest strengths in advocacy and motivation for equity in education.

Christopher began his journey at Concordia University where he had the opportunity to work as a program supervisor in the Student of Color Retention Program and in the Urban Education Summer Scholar Program. In these positions, Christopher was able to help urban learners identify their strengths and to use their innate resiliency to maximize and ensure success in higher education. At Concordia University Christopher earned both his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and his Master’s Degree in Organizational Management.

As an undergraduate admissions counselor at both Concordia University and at the University of California, Christopher was able to reach out to urban students and help them realize the goal of beginning post secondary education. He also made himself available to any student that found themselves in need of a mentor in order to make sure the student’s educational needs were being met. As an assistant football coach and athletic recruiter, Christopher was able to use aspects of organized sports, such as discipline and time management, to show potential students how habits learned on the field could translate into success in the classroom. This enabled more urban learners to see the potential they had off of the playing field.

Christopher also obtained his M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration and Policy at the University of California in order to support his passion with the latest educational theories and practices. As an adjunct faculty member in counseling and administration at Moreno Valley College, Christopher again placed himself in a position to aid all students pursuing higher education. Moving from recruitment to retention, Christopher was able to support students already pursuing their college education and help them identify ways to succeed. Most recently, Christopher accepted a position as a Program Manager with A Better Chance in order to further his passion on helping urban students reach their maximum potential. Christopher is also a member of the Moreno Valley Black Chamber of Commerce and the Los Angeles chapter of the National Black MBA Association.

A connector is a  consultant, motivational speaker, life coach, guru, or handler.  A connector is designed to maximize the efficiency of all your resources. The goal of a connector is to accelerate the time it takes you to get from point “A” to point “B.”  As your connector, our goal is to cut through the fog of what is slowing down your success.


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